Sunday, February 22, 2015

Photographs re Combined Operations

Operation Torch, North Africa - November 1942 (1)

The Allied force that readied for the invasion of North Africa has been described as the largest amphibious operation or Naval armada in history. That being said, the size of the operation was later dwarfed by preparations for the invasion of Sicily in July, 1943, and later again by the invasion of France in June, 1944. 

American troops are seen boarding and exitting landing craft near Oran and Arzeu that were very likely manned by Canadian members of Combined Operations.

 [Caption:American troops manning their landing craft assault from
a doorway in the side of the liner REINA DEL PACIFICO. Two
of the landing craft are numbered LCA 428 and LCA 447.] 

[Troops and ammunition for light guns being brought ashore from a
landing craft assault (ramped) (LCA 428) on Arzeau beach, Algeria,
North Africa, whilst another LCA (LCA 287) approaches the beach.]

[American troops landing on the beach at Arzeu, near Oran, from a landing
craft assault (LCA 26), some of them are carrying boxes of supplies.]

[In the distance a destroyer is laying a smoke screen round one of the transports
off Oran. Two landing craft assault and one landing craft personnel (ramped)
can be seen in the foreground they are LCA 85, LCA 394 and LCP (R) 838.]

[American troops exiting their landing craft assault on the beach at Are,
near Oran. Some of the ships of that convoy can be seen in the distance.]

Photo Credits: Imperial War Museum
Royal Navy photographers F. A. Hudson and E. J. Russell

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