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Growing List - Canadian Members of Combined Operations

A Growing List

As books, passages from texts, and photographs are displayed, more names of Canadian members of Combined Operations are gradually revealed and will be recorded here in alphabetical order:

Fred Alston (Stoker)

Don Arney

Art (Gash) Bailey

A 1989 reunion of two shipmates at Dieppe

Sam Belisle

R. W. Brown (Stoker)

Roy Burt

AB Lloyd Campbell, 17138, London, Ontario

Richard Cavanaugh, V6678, Ottawa, Ontario

Earl Chambers

D. Chisholm

F. Coverdale

A. Daley

W. Dayton

K. Downey

A. Drew

Tom Enright

A. Fraser

W. 'Bill' Grycan

Doug Harrison, Norwich, Ontario V8809

D. Harrison, 2nd left, served at CO camp in Comox, BC, 1944 - 45

George Hobson

C.E. Howard

James 'Jim' Ivison

Budd Kidd

A. G. Kirby

Chuck Levett

Chuck Levett, centre row, left, is beside Bill Grycan

David Lewis, Alberta

Comb. Ops veterans put heads and stories together in the 1990s

Don Linder, Kitchener, Ontario

James 'Jim' Malone

Jim Ivison and Jim Malone, back row, first and second from left,
were members of the No. 1 Navy ball team, Comox, 1944-45

Clayton 'Red' Marks

Photo from Combined Operations by Clayton Marks

Vic Mauro

J. McFarland

Buryl McIntyre, Norwich, Ontario

AB Joseph McKenna, V1540, PEI

Lt. Robert McRae, Toronto, Ontario

Lt. McRae became a POW at Dieppe, 1942
Sketch from St. Nazaire to Singapore, Vol. 1

C. Michael

Norm Mitchison, Niagara Falls

Waldo Mullins, FO 81st Flotilla

W. Parkes

Bruce Rendell

Jack Rimmer, Montreal

F. Robinson

Charles 'Chuck' Rose, Chippawa, Ontario, V-8927

Ted Sales

Jim Salisbury

Edward Scaysbrook, V-46818

Tom Scott

Lt. W. R. Sinclair

John Singleton, V-17334

Donald Slauenwhite, V-25787

Joe Spencer, V-8929

Gerald Spero, V-40874

F. L. Stapley, A-1399

Harold Tomlinson

John Vandersluys, V-31672

Douglas Walker, V-34153

E. Walker, A-4081

Fred Walkley, V-59342

S/Lt. Clifford D. Wallace, Montreal, Quebec

Harold Wallace, V-44571

Joe Watson, Simcoe, Ontario V-8821

 Canadians in Combined Ops aboard H.M.S. Keren, Atlantic 1943

Names of Canadians aboard H.M.S. Keren, Atlantic 1943

Lt. Andy Wedd

Don Westbrook, Hamilton, Ontario

Richard Wilson, V-43414

Douglas 'Doug' Zink

*  *  *  *  *

Members listed on this site to date - 47

More to follow.

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