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Don Kemsley's Journal - Part 1

Much WW2 Combined Ops training took place in Inveraray, Scotland

Canadians in Combined Ops unloaded US troops at Arzew, North Africa (Nov. 1942)
This photo and the one above it are from Imperial War Museum

Don Kemsley was a member of RCNVR and Combined Operations during WW2 and his daughter Sandy has placed excerpts from his journals online that touch on several matters related to Canadians in Combined Ops. For example, in an entry entitled 'Goodbye to the Combined Operations' (link below*) names of other former members are noted, as are some memories related to Comb. Ops actions, dates re the formation of a Combined Ops Association after the war, and remarks about some members and membership activities over the years.

Included in the remarks is the following pertinent information:

"In 1983 Clayton Marks put together, and had printed, a book on the history of the Canadian Combined Operations during the 2nd World War that was well received and very informative and the first 2 printings sold out in a very few years. David Lewis had a 2 volume edition printed in 1997 that was an extension of the works of Clayton containing more pictures and stories."

Clayton's book is entitled COMBINED OPERATIONS and will soon be reprinted by his family members (and one other interested individual). More details will be shared in due course about the book. David Lewis' two-volume set was printed in the 1990s and is a rare set to find intact. Perhaps one day it will be reprinted as well. The set is entitled ST. NAZAIRE TO SINGAPORE: The Canadian Amphibious War 1941 - 1945 and more information is shared here.

 Clayton Marks, top left. Photo from Combined Operations

Combined Operations inspired two more volumes of WW2 stories

*Please link to Mr. Kemsley's journal entry entitled Goodbye to the Combined Operations

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Unattributed Photos by GH

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