Monday, February 1, 2016

Video re Combined Ops, "The Dieppe Raid" 2

Unsuccessful Allied Commando Raid

Canadian troops embark landing craft during training exercise before raid on
Dieppe, c. August 1942. Photo credit - Laurier Centre for Military Studies

The website entitled Critical Past has a deep catalogue of videos (thousands) and still images (millions), and many concern World War 2 events and battle fronts in which Canadians in Combined Operations were whole-heartedly involved. Though a price tag is attached to high-resolution videos and stock images, the public will find free access to the same material, though in low-resolution and with the website's title displayed in the centre.

Link to Critical Past to view Britishers taken as prisoners after an unsuccessful Allied commando raid on Dieppe, France during World War 2

Synopsis as found at Critical Past:

Injured British soldiers carried away after an unsuccessful Allied commando raid on Dieppe, France. Britishers taken as prisoners march to prison camp. Life back to normal in Dieppe as people move about on the streets. German planes fly as a naval unit patrols the channel.

Main beach of Dieppe after the raid. [Canadian War Museum AN19830136-001#2]

Location: Dieppe France
Date: 1942
Duration: 3 min 12 sec
Sound: Yes

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