Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Video: The Invasion of Sicily

The Invasion of Sicily, July 1943

Planning and Preparations January - July 1943: View of the dockside of
Sousse Harbour, Tunisia. Landing craft are loaded with vehicles and equipped
in preparation for the invasion. Photo credit - Histomil History

Introduction: Thanks to YouTube and other sources there are many videos and still images of various theatres of war, and many concern significant events during WW2 in which Canadians in Combined Operations were involved. Here I provide links to two videos related to the 1943 invasion of Sicily.

Please note: The above photo and the videos presented may not be concerned with the same troops at the same location.

Link to 'The Invasion of Sicily' (8:38 minutes)

(Campaign in Sicily: Invasion of Sicily by the 15th Army Group, consisting of the American 7th Army and the British 8th Army.Published 1948)

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