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Books: Royal Canadian Navy Beach Commando W

Royal Canadian Beach Commando W, Parts 1 and 2

By Eric Gault Finley

Illustration of Able Seaman Armand Therien designed and created by
D. O'Malley and J. Duprau. Computer screen image. 

This book is very rare and important for those gathering information about Canadians who trained and served as Beach commandos during WW2.  It was originally written by Eric Finley in 1944, and was (much later, but it's never too late) digitally reproduced by Richard Laughton in 2009.

It can be purchased at market value, e.g., at AbeBooks (printed on demand), or downloaded at no charge (e.g., as a PDF file or in other formats, with restrictions) from the following site:

RCN Beach Commando W: Part 1 & Part 2

I say 'rare' because I have read only one other memoir of a Canadian Beach Commando. His name is Peter Alfred Neuman, and the memoir was given me freely by his son Michael. I present it here to you as well.

Please link to Memoirs re Combined Ops, "Peter Neuman - Boy Soldier"

I say 'important' because the book, offered as a whole file or in two parts (Pt. 1 is about the unit's establishment, training and operations, and Pt. 2 shares stories by the commandos themselves) provides extensive facts, details and photographs seldom compiled in one place.

Canadian Navy commandos training at Scottish assault course in 1944.
Photo Credit - Gilbert Milne, R.C.N. Photographer

Online, the book is introduced in the following manner:

One of the many lessons learned from the Dieppe Raid was the need for highly trained personnel to supervise beach areas during and after an assault. This was assigned to the Beach Commandos and principally entailed disembarking troops and vehicles from assault and follow-up landing craft, organizing and supervising suitable "beach" areas, and loading serviceable vessels either with wounded and/or prisoners.

I encourage readers to visit the informative site - RCN Beach Commando W: Part 1 & Part 2

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