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Video: Operation HUSKY - Invasion of Sicily

Troops Embarking on Many Large Troopships

Troops embarking into landing craft (Tripoli) for invasion of Sicily, 3 July 1943.
Photo Credit - World War2Today

Wouldn't you like to see "the first newsreel" sent to Canada?

In an earlier entry on this website/blog I displayed a news clipping (above) from The Winnipeg Tribune (from late July, 1943) and suggested that many more details concerning the roles played by Canadians during WW2 might be found by searching for newsreels and old films. Many were recorded, we just have to find them.

I "googled" 'British Associated newsreels' and subsequently linked to an offering related to ''.

At the site is a search bar, into which I typed Operation HUSKY. I was then connected to a low resolution video, for preview only, without sound, that reveals a good view of the troop embarkation upon various troopships, the voyage of the largest armada in history (up to that time) and more, including scenes of LCTs crammed with hundreds of troops and various landing crafts hanging from davits.

Perhaps by paying 50 Pounds one might receive a better video. Fire away, I say.

That being said, the silent preview is worthwhile too and a link to Operation Husky, to see several minutes of coverage, is provided below.

Link - Operation Husky - Invasion of Sicily

A description of the film, and various still photos, are provided:

Duration - 5min:20sec.

Various shots of British and Commonwealth troops boarding troop ships prior to leaving North Africa for the Invasion of Sicily (Operation Husky - 1943). Very large numbers of troops are crammed onto ships for the voyage.

Various shots of troopships lying off the North African coast. There are dozens of warships and troopers in the waters preparing for the Invasions. Shots of ferries carrying soldiers out to the larger vessels.

Soldiers leave ferries and get onto troopships. Equipment is lifted onto ships. Shots from ships as the move along coastline. More shots of the many and varied vessels taking part in the operation.

A few low rez stills re landing craft of the hundreds available:

Perhaps one will enjoy happy hunting at other sites as well, e.g., related to Canadian Army films, WW2.

Please link to Video: The Invasion of Sicily

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