Friday, November 24, 2017

Memoirs: William Eccles, at D-Day France, Parts 1 - 4

A Front Row Seat on LCI(L) 295

[Photo: Canadians in Comb. Ops. "stand or sit easy" on their landing craft]

John E. Rimmer, a member of RCNVR and Combined Operations, who served aboard a landing craft infantry, large [i.e., LCI(L) 295] with Bill Eccles - during WW2 near Arromanches, France - writes the following in St. Nazaire to Singapore, Vol. 1:

It is my experience as a member of two non-Combined Ops groups, i.e., the Canadian Legion and the White Ensign Club, that most vets don't have a clue as to what we were. After all, who ever heard of a sailor living in tents on the desert? Or sleeping in caves in Sicily? Our own government doesn't seem to know. Maybe it is time a book was written for the public*. (Page 193)

From the collection of W. Eccles.

Memoirs from William Eccles (made possible by his son Reg) help to inform readers about the role of Canadians in Combined Operations during WW2. Please read the following four entries that include very rare journal entries and photographs from June 1944, produced aboard LCI(L) 295 by "one who was there."

William Eccles. From the collection of Reg Eccles.

*Mr. Rimmer's wish has come true.

Clayton Marks of London, Ontario self-published Combined Operations in the early 1990s. The book inspired David and Kit Lewis and Len Birkenes of Western Canada to collect more stories from veterans of Combined Operations, and shortly thereafter St. Nazaire to Singapore: The Canadian Amphibious War, Volumes 1 and 2 appeared. 

Readers will find access to many articles and sections from both books on this website. 

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