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75th Anniversary of Operation HUSKY, World War II.

The Invasion of Sicily - July 10, 1942.

[Photo: A17945. Operation Husky: The Sicily Landings 9-10 July 1943: A small section
of the vast armada of ships which took part in the invasion of Sicily as photographed
from landing ship headquarters HILARY at dawn of the first day of the invasion
of the island. Lt. H.A. Mason, RN Photographer, and IWM. ]

Canadians in Combined Operations were very active in four flotillas of landing craft (55th Flotilla and 61st, 80th and 81st) when Sicily was invaded by British, American and Canadian forces in the very early morning - 75 years ago today.

Many of the Canadians who handled the ALCs (assault landing craft) and LCMs (mechanized) had travelled around Africa on their way to Sicily, and though HUSKY was not their first operation (visit Dieppe and North Africa under 'click on Headings' in right margin) it would have been one of the most memorable. For 30 days or more many Canadians laboured on the beaches, supplying Montgomery's 8th Army with transportation and all supplies of war.

Some of the sailors, including my father and others from SW Ontario, lived in limestone caves and foraged for supplies in order to survive and keep up with their busy schedule. No easy tasks - but one, involving Navy Rum destined for the Officers' Mess - were reported in naval memoirs by members of Combined Operations.

Below, readers will find links to 18 posts related to news clippings and memoirs recorded by a Canadian newspaper (The Winnipeg Tribune), and others, and Canadian sailors, concerning HUSKY.

Also provided are links to 5 posts that shine a light on many valuable photographs and captions about that significant campaign. All are attributed to the proper source; most come from the Imperial War Museum, U.K.

[Photo: Map of Sicily found in Combined Operations by C. Marks, London Ontario
Members of 80th & 81st Canadian Flotillas, manned Landing Crafts, Mechanized
(LCMs) in Operation Husky, near Avola (lower right of above map), July ‘43]

1. Articles: About Sicily, July - Aug. 1943 (18 Parts).
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2. Photographs: Invasion of Sicily. July 1943 (5 Parts).

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Operation Husky - Canadian Forces Pull Their Weight

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