Friday, November 13, 2015

Websites re Combined Operations

The Dieppe Raid, August 1942

There are many links to the Dieppe Raid and one fine one, with numerous clear photographs of the day, can be found at a website entitled 'Canada at War'.

Click here 'Canada at War' to go to information related to The Dieppe Raid. You will see information collected under the following headings: Casualties, Assault troops, Numbers, Map, Rationale, The Raid, etc. Details are concise and photos are authentic. You may find the accompanying Video and Photo Gallery very useful and informative.

Thumbnail photographs from the site (photos can be enlarged at the website):

"Treating casualties during rehearsal in England"

"Landing craft taking part, laying smokescreen"

"Captured Canadian troops"

Website 'Canada at War' also provides links to a Forum, Virtual Memorial, Battles, Photographs, and more, including a Search Engine. E.g., related to Operation Husky (Sicily invasion) books, photos and newspaper archives are accessible.

"The initial waves of assault troops were unopposed" (in Sicily) 

One can also find a link to The National Film Board Archives and WW2 film footage from various parts of the globe. More than meets the eye. Good hunting.

Link to more websites re Combined Operations

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