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Websites re Combined Operations

The First Day's Operations Against Oran 
(OPERATION TORCH, North Africa, November 8, 1942)

At the website the above map can be greatly enlarged

A website book, over 680 pages in length, (U.S. Army in World War 2 - Mediterranean Theater of War. Northwest Africa: Seizing the Initiative in the West by George F. Howe) concerning the U.S. Army's activities and contributions to WW2 in the Mediterranean Theater, can be found at this link.

However, if one wishes a narrower focus, e.g., on particular activities that include the contributions of Canadians in Combined Operations, one should turn to Chapter XI - The First Day's Operations Against Oran.

Brief explanation:

One doesn't have to read Ch. XI too long before coming across references to landing craft that were used at beaches familiar to Canadian officers, seamen and coxswains. 

E.g., when one reads 'The Landings at Les Andalouses (Y Beach)' on page 199, a connection to the adventures and trials of PO RN Neil McLean may be recognized. Read more about PO Neil McLean.

"Photo from PO McLean's story reveals a tarp-covered gun, centre-left" 

"Photo from Chapter XI reveals the same covered gun, centre"

As well, when one reads about 'The Landings Along the Golfe d'Arzew' on pages 205 - 208, more perspective can be related to Leading Seaman Doug Harrison's story re the same day. Read LS Harrison's account here.

 "Canadian LS Harrison (centre) delivers U.S. troops to N. Africa's shores"
Photo Credit - Imperial War Museum (IWM), London, UK

 "Harrison and mate handle anti-broaching lines as U.S. troops unload" (IWM)

"Photo from Chapter XI reveals the same scene, later in the day"

As one reads Chapter XI many remarks are made about events, including difficulties, related to the busy landing beaches and landing crafts, and (therefore) members of Combined Operations, many of whom were Canadians.

WHITE BEACH on the bay of Mersa Bou Zedjar. Photo from Chapter XI

Link as well to another Website re Combined Operations

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