Monday, November 14, 2016

Books For Sale re Combined Operations

Combined Operations by Clayton Marks, London

Original Text

Clayton Marks assembled the first edition of Combined Operations in the early 1990s and sold and distributed the book at C.O. Association meetings and Navy Reunions.

In 2016 Mr. Marks' book (238 pages) was reprinted after a good deal of effort from family members and a friend. It is now again available for sale and distribution.

New Text

Those interested in the role Canadians played in Combined Operations during WW2 - at the raid on Dieppe, and subsequent invasions (North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Normandy, Southern France) - will find this book is an accurate history and includes rare personal stories unavailable anywhere else (e.g., by Officer Jake Koyl re the lead up to Dieppe, and by Albert Kirby, a 24-page account related to the Dieppe Raid).

Cost in Canada - $32 CAN (includes shipping charge by Royal Mail)
Cost Elsewhere - $20 US plus shipping (contact editor for details)

Contact - Editor, Gord Harrison
Email -
Mail - 49 Cathcart Street,
London, ONTARIO, Canada
N6C 3L8

Please link to more information re the original text at Books re Combined Operations

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