Friday, November 11, 2016

Remembrance Day 2016.

Photographs New and Old.

I walked to the parade marshalling area this morning and was happy to see flashes of red in the first uniformed group I encountered. And when I left the London Cenotaph at Wellington and Dufferin after the service I felt I wanted one last photograph - even the light was red.

Before the parade began I spoke to the gentleman seen in the front row (first on left) concerning his medals, and my father's. He encouraged me to mount them and put them on display in the house, and I will be thinking about that, perhaps even get it done, before the year comes to a close.

As the marching men approached the Cenotaph I snapped one last photo of the older gentleman's designated group. I noticed a moment ago that several carried a shadow of another soldier on their backs.

Today's Favourite Photo:

We Will Remember Them

Photos of Canadians in Combined Operations (from the collection of Joe Spencer, RCNVR, Combined Ops)

 ALC 269 returning to Southampton from Newhaven, August 21, 1942
C. Sheeler, Joe Spencer. Two days after the Dieppe Raid

Art Warrick, Verne Smart (in an LCM) on the Ennerdale in Algiers.
Editor - circa mid-November, 1942, re invasion of N. Africa 

 Charley Sellick, Jim Ivison. in Sicily.
Editor - circa July 1943, related to Operation HUSKY

"Possibly at HMS Quebec", likely near time of Dieppe Raid
Editor - Canadians in Combined Ops, 1942 but no names attached;
Don Linder, Kitchener, ONT - middle row, far right

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