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A - Z DIRECTORY for "1000 Men, 1000 Stories"


Gordon Douglas (Doug) Harrison (left), RCNVR, Combined Operations 1941 - 45
Gordon Arthur Harrison (Doug's older son), Editor of '1000 Men, 1000 Stories'

This BLOG is subdivided under many headings (audio, articles, books, stories, videos, etc.) and there are several entries already attached to each heading. Because the number of headings and entries are growing steadily I will convert the blogsite to a website in the next year or so, for the sake of permanency, stability and convenience for readers. Until then, readers may find that using the 'click on HEADINGS' column (right margin) and this A - Z Directory the easiest and swiftest ways to negotiate the site for information desired. Happy hunting.

Articles related to Combined Operations


     The Invasion of Italy and Christmas in Canada

     Malta’s Role in the Sicilian Campaign, July 1943

Audio Files related to Combined Operations

     Commando Training? Why? I'm a Signalman!
     F. Turnbull, C.H. Roach - D-Day Normandy
     WRNS with a Link to Combined Operations
     Robert Stirling Recalls a Wet, D-Day Landing

     Lysle Sweeting, Coxswain on an LCM

     George McLean - RCN, Combined Operations

     W. K. Newell, Canadian Beach Commando Unit

     George Richmond, Navy and Combined Operations

     C. W. Robinson, "We Had to Crawl Back"

     Carvil J. Ritcey, "Our Worst Engagement"

     Ronnie Taylor, Navy, Utah Beach, D-Day 1944

     Edward Rushbrook, Combined Ops, D-Day, June 1944

     William Kennedy, Normandy. On LCI(L) 301, 1944

     Richard Norris, On LCI (Landing Craft, Infantry) in 1944

     Norm Bowen, "Smoke pots, throwing them off like crazy"

     Al Kirby, DIEPPE. "We didn't think much about the danger"

Books for Sale re Combined Operations

     "DAD, WELL DONE" by Gordon Douglas Harrison

     Combined Operations by Clayton Marks, London

Books Related to Combined Operations

     The Beachhead Commandos

     READY, AYE, READY An Illustrated History of the RCN

     THE CANADIANS IN (SICILY and) ITALY 1943-1945 Volume II
     DIEPPE, DIEPPE by Brereton Greehous

     Drop Zone Sicily: Allied Airborne Strike, July 1943 by William B. Breuer

     Operation Husky: The Canadian Invasion of Sicily, by Mark Zuehlke

     The Campaign for North Africa by Jack Coggins, 1980

     SAILOR REMEMBER by William H. Pugsley

     Land of Plenty: A History of the Comox District

     Lloyd Evans - My Naval Chronicle: A WWII Landing Craft Volunteer

     The Watery Maze by Bernard Fergusson

     "DAD, WELL DONE": Naval Memoirs of L/Seaman Coxswain D. Harrison

     Link to Combined Operations Command (300 books)

     St. Nazaire to Singapore: The Canadian Amphibious War 1941 - 1945

     Combined Operations by Clayton Marks

     Assault Landing Craft by Brian Lavery

Commandos Related to Combined Operations

     W. K. Newell, Canadian Beach Commando Unit

     The WW II Exploits of Peter Alfred Neuman, Canadian Commando

Comox and its Connection to Combined Operations

     Dad's Navy Days, 1941 - 1945 by G. A. Harrison

     Memoirs re Combined Ops, "Peter Neuman - Boy Soldier" Part 2

Context Related to Canadians in Combined Operations

     The Day Before D-Day Sicily.

     Herbert Jones, Aboard the Reina Del Pacifico

     Frank Gillard, B.B.C. War Correspondent, WW2

     Connections from The Memory Project

     Back to North America for Christmas and Repair

     Small News Clips Set Some Tone in Early 1942

     British Commandos and Canadian Airmen in the News

     "Which Way Is The Wind Really Blowing?"

     Lessons of War Learned While Recruits Are Still Fresh

     Canadian Corvettes Help Beat Off Plane and More

     Quietly Dressed and Weather-Beaten Men

     Beware, to All Who Dare Cross the Sea

     Canadian Airmen Help Hammer a U-boat Source

     Early Days for Canadians in Combined Operations, 1942

     Newspapers Create a Buzz While Men Train in RCNVR

Dedication to Canadians in Combined Operations

     1000 Men, 1000 Stories - Dedication

Dieppe Raid and Combined Operations

     Dieppe Raid: August 19, 1942 : A Memoir in Eight Parts

     Why Dieppe? Canada in the Second World War

Italy - Involvement of Canadians in Combined Operations

     THE CANADIANS IN (SICILY and) ITALY 1943-1945 Volume II

     A Mediterranean Lighter Man, D/JX 227023

     Presentation: Dad's Navy Days Part 10 (2)

     Presentation: Dad's Navy Days Part 10 (1)

     Seaforth Highlanders, Messina Crossing to Italy in Sept. 1943

     Operation HUSKY, Sicily 1943

     The Invasion of Italy and Christmas in Canada

Editor - Please use 'click on Headings' in right margin until DIRECTORY CONSTRUCTION is complete.

Happy Hunting!

Gord Harrison

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